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Fulfillment Services

Big Monkey offers a variety of fulfillment operations from pick and pack, batch order processing, on-the-fly raw to finished goods kitting, bulk mailings, print to fulfillment, etc., all delivered with accuracy, quality, and efficiency. We are flexible enough to ship your orders same day, and depending on service agreement, orders that are received up to 4 P.M. MST.

Pick and Pack

Whether your orders are 1 jacket in a box, or infinite combinations across 2,000 SKUs, you will be able to rest easy knowing your orders are being packed with the care and quality you deserve. Technology and automation are key facets to successful operations, especially when you have a large quantity of variable items.

Batch Order Processing

Running an MLM campaign or high volume of just a few SKUs? We group identical orders together in batches for high speed processing to allow us to scale with your growth plan. Doing this allows us to be agile enough for your huge spikes of 5,000 orders in a day with the confidence that all your orders will ship.

Kitting Services

We offer two styles of kitting to best suit your needs, along with the ability to source customized packaging, and even offer guidance and architecture of the packaging.

  • 1. Work Order Kitting – have your manufacturers send us kit components and have us assemble from raw to finished products directly to our shelves. Doing this can save you shipping costs from your manufacturers as once inventory is assembled, it takes up more space than the components, increasing your cost of shipping.
  • 2. On-The-Fly Kitting – do you have multiple bundles you sell consisting of different variances of the same items? Fear not as we will build aliases around your different bundles that translate to the individual components and quantities. This allows inventory control at the item level while presenting your customers with more aesthetic packages for sale.

Bulk Mailings

Are you wanting to canvas a demographic and region with your marketing materials? We can help with that from the print, kitting and assembly, all the way to the mailings of your item. Have a list of members or clients you want to send materials to? We can go that route as well.

Print to Fulfillment

Leverage our vast printing relationships to centralize your operations, give us your artwork and specs and let us do the rest. Whether you need branded envelopes, bound booklets, disc media, let us take the headache out of managing multiple vendor POs and tracking, you just focus on building your business.